Space Safari Festival Location

how to get to the festival

The woodlands of Massembre is a truly unique natural location hidden deep in the Belgian Ardennes. 140 hectares of natural forest combined with all facilities for a comfortable stay. Stay on our beautiful camp-grounds or book hotel/hostel accommodation.

How to get to Space Safari Festival

Space Safari Festival is located in the village 'Heer', close to Dinant, on the border with France, and easily reachable by public transport. Festival terrain based in Massembre in Belgian Ardennen.

Car Pooling Group
Check out the carpooling group to share or to find a ride:
Car Pooling Group
Public Transport
Closest airports: Brussels or Charleroi
→ take a train to Dinant (Belgian Railway)
→ take a bus to HEER Faubourg (Bus Schedule)
→ 15 minutes walking to the location from Heer
Google Maps
Google Maps is a good tool to calculate your public transport to Space Safari, for example